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      Body Repair & Prep

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      Irish Auto Parts stock a wide range of top quality workshop tools and accessories, browse our range of body repair & preparation solutions below

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      CARPLAN - CPY250

      Carplan Fine Surface Filler 250g
      €8.50 incl vat

      CARPLAN - EXH001

      Carplan Exh001 Extra Hardener (All Fillers & Resins) 40g
      €2.31 incl vat

      CARPLAN - FXH001

      Carplan Fxh001 Extra 1 (All Fillers & Resins) 22G
      €3.81 incl vat

      CARPLAN - RCP150

      Carplan Rcp150 Rubbing Compound 150g
      €4.08 incl vat

      CARPLAN - USB025

      Carplan Ultrasmart 2K Bodyfiller 250gm
      €7.92 incl vat

      CARPLAN - USB600

      Carplan Ultrasmart 2K Bodyfiller 600g
      €13.32 incl vat

      CARPLAN - USF025

      Carplan Ultrasmart 2K Fibrofil 250g
      €9.38 incl vat

      CARPLAN - USF600

      Carplan Ultrasmart 2K Fibrofil 600g
      €20.97 incl vat

      TETROSYL - CCF010

      Tetrosyl Color Cure 2K Fibrofil 1Ltr
      €22.84 incl vat

      TETROSYL - CSS310

      Tetrosyl Ccs310 Cartridge Seam Sealer 310ml
      €12.58 incl vat

      TETROSYL - GFM001

      Tetrosyl Gfm001 Glass Fibre Matting
      €6.92 incl vat

      TETROSYL - PLS003

      Tetrosyl Psl003 Trade Plastic Spreaders
      €0.95 incl vat

      TETROSYL - POR001

      Tetrosyl Polyester Resin 1Ltr
      €20.32 incl vat

      TETROSYL - SDP200

      Tetrosyl Sdp200 Textured Sound Deadening Pads - Box Of 10 200Mm
      €34.25 incl vat

      TETROSYL - SDP500

      Tetrosyl Sdp500 Textured Sound Deadening Pads - Box Of 4 400Mm
      €34.25 incl vat

      TETROSYL - SLF016

      Tetrosyl Slf016 Super Lite Bodyfiller No 7 3.5L
      €39.93 incl vat

      TETROSYL - SVM010

      Tetrosyl Super Vm Compound 880ml
      €30.07 incl vat

      TETROSYL - UTR001

      Tetrosyl Tack Rags Std
      €7.32 incl vat