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      Top quality car cleaning products by Power Maxed, Carplan, Turtle Wax and more, browse our range of car shampoo and body wash products below

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      CARPLAN - CDC101

      Carplan Cdc101 Demon Clean 1L
      €10.88 incl vat

      CARPLAN - CDM101

      Carplan Demon Machine 1Ltr
      €9.52 incl vat

      CARPLAN - CDW005

      Carplan Demon Foam Refill 5Ltr
      €29.94 incl vat

      CARPLAN - CDW101

      Carplan Cdw101 Demon Foam 1L
      €12.31 incl vat

      CARPLAN - CDW200

      Carplan Demon Foam With Snow Foam Gun 2LtrDEMON FOAM WITH SNOW FOAM GUN 2LTRWant the best showroom finish for your car in a fraction of the timeLet the Demon do the work. The revolutionary Demon Foam is suitable for all exterior surfaces and paintwork finishes. Specially formulated to create a dense
      €19.49 incl vat

      CARPLAN - CDW201

      Carplan Cdw201 Demon Foam 2L
      €15.46 incl vat

      CARPLAN - CFW005

      Carplan Cfw005 Trade Valet Hi-Foam Wash Active Foam Shampoo 5L
      €14.69 incl vat

      CARPLAN - CIT005

      Carplan Trade Valet Super Trim Clnr 5LtrTRADE VALET SUPER TRIM CLNR 5LTRCarPlan Trade Valet Super Trim Cleaner offers a quick and easy way to clean and polish plastic and rubber interior and exterior surfaces. Ideal for use on trims, bumpers and tyre walls. Not only does Super Trim Cleaner leave a l
      €20.61 incl vat

      CARPLAN - CWR005

      Carplan Trade Valet Hi-Wax Rinse 5LtrTRADE VALET HI-WAX RINSE 5LTRCarPlan Trade Valet Hi-Wax Rinse is a unique revolutionary 'Top Gloss Shine' treatment is developed to provide an effortless way of adding a wax like shine to your car in a matter of minutes. Suitable for use via bucket, trigger spray
      €12.28 incl vat

      CARPLAN - POL103

      Carplan Ultra 1Ltr
      €3.96 incl vat

      CARPLAN - POL104

      Carplan Ultra Shampoo 5LtrULTRA SHAMPOO 5LTRCarPlan Ultra Shampoo is the efficient way to deep clean dirt and road grime from car paintwork. The advanced formula leaves a streak free showroom shine.   ADVANTAGES Cleans, shines and protects Deep clean that eliminates dirt and road grim St
      €9.90 incl vat

      CARPLAN - PUL050

      Carplan Ultra Shampoo 2Ltr
      €6.92 incl vat

      CARPLAN - TFR505

      Carplan Trade Valet Super Tfr 5LtrTRADE VALET SUPER TFR 5LTRCarPlan Trade Valet Super TFR is a super strength product that removes stubborn dirt, baked on dust, grease and oil. For use on the bodywork of all vehicles and chassis. Suitable for use via an application sprayer or jet washer.   AD
      €22.95 incl vat
      SAVE 10%

      GRANVILLE - BUC127

      Nova Car Wash Bucket - Black
      €5.48 incl vat €6.09 incl vat
      SAVE 10%

      LIQUI MOLY - 1545

      Liqui Moly Car Wash Shampoo 1L
      €8.55 incl vat €9.51 incl vat

      POWER MAXED - 3132FE

      Mesto 1.5L Pressure Foam Sprayer -
      €29.83 incl vat

      POWER MAXED - CSUW5000

      Power Maxed Car Shampoo And Ultra
      €27.89 incl vat


      Power Maxed Car Shampoo And Ultra
      €7.58 incl vat


      Power Maxed Snow Foam 1 Litre
      €8.61 incl vat

      POWER MAXED - SFC5000

      Power Maxed Snow Foam 5 Litre
      €24.72 incl vat

      TRIPLEWAX - TCS050

      Triplewax Tcs050 Car Shampoo 5L
      €27.79 incl vat

      TRIPLEWAX - TCS112

      Triplewax Tcs112 Car Shampoo 1L
      €7.65 incl vat

      TRIPLEWAX - TCS224

      Triplewax Tcs224 Car Shampoo 2L
      €13.12 incl vat

      TRIPLEWAX - TCS501

      Triplewax Tcs501 Car Shampoo 500ml
      €4.21 incl vat

      TURTLE WAX - TW52823

      Turtle Wax Zip Wax 500ml + 100% Fr
      €7.14 incl vat