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      Cloths Sponges & Chamois

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      Top quality car cleaning products by Power Maxed, Carplan, Turtle Wax and more, browse our range of clothes sponges & chamois below

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      CARPLAN - CTA004

      Carplan Triplewax Cta004 Sponge Large
      €1.50 incl vat

      CARPLAN - CTA036

      Carplan Polishing Cloth 100gm
      €2.62 incl vat

      CARPLAN - DMC001

      Carplan Demon Microfibre ClothDEMON MICROFIBRE CLOTHCarPlan Demon Premium Microfibre Cloths are suitable for valeting and household use. The microfibre construction is highly absorbent and super soft will not scratch any surface.   ADVANTAGES Super absorbent Will not scratch any surface
      €7.95 incl vat

      GRANVILLE - CWB946

      Nova Super Extending Brush - Doubl
      €35.70 incl vat

      GRANVILLE - CWB950

      Nova Super Extending Brush - Repla
      €19.42 incl vat

      GRANVILLE - M810

      Nova Stockinette 100g
      €3.11 incl vat

      GRANVILLE - MIT014

      Granville Nova Synthetic Lambswool Mitt - Coffee
      €5.27 incl vat

      GRANVILLE - REF565

      Nova Pink & Red Pads 150 x 50mm -
      €10.18 incl vat

      GRANVILLE - S107

      Nova Bug Shifter Car Sponge -
      €1.36 incl vat

      LIQUI MOLY - 1549

      Liqui Moly Car Washing Sponge
      €3.78 incl vat

      POWER MAXED - 3132FE

      Mesto 1.5L Pressure Foam Sprayer -
      €29.83 incl vat

      TRIPLEWAX - CTA002

      Triplewax Cta002 Microfibre Cloth
      €2.90 incl vat

      TRIPLEWAX - CTA003

      Triplewax Cta003 Jumbo Sponge (Ac26)
      €1.96 incl vat

      TRIPLEWAX - CTA008

      Triplewax Cta008 Synthetic Demister Pad
      €2.31 incl vat

      TRIPLEWAX - CTA022

      Triplewax Applicator Pad
      €2.99 incl vat

      TRIPLEWAX - CTA024

      Triplewax Cta024 Triple Pack Microfibre Cloths
      €4.51 incl vat

      TRIPLEWAX - CTA038

      TRIPLEWAX STOCKINETTE CLOTH 400GMTriplewax Polishing cloth are high quality, 100% super soft cotton wipes for all applications. These durable cloths are designed to be used in the car, but can also be used for many different uses within the household.   ADVANTAGES Highly absorbent, smear f
      €6.92 incl vat

      TRIPLEWAX - CTA050

      Triplewax 3In1 Microfibre Wash Mitt
      €8.42 incl vat

      TRIPLEWAX - CTA144

      Triplewax Polishing Cloth Tube
      €4.40 incl vat

      TRIPLEWAX - CTA150

      Triplewax Cta150 Genuine Leather Chamois Medium
      €8.12 incl vat

      TRIPLEWAX - CTA152

      Triplewax Leather Chamois Tube
      €9.32 incl vat

      TRIPLEWAX - CTA250

      Triplewax Genuine Chamois Large
      €12.20 incl vat

      TRIPLEWAX - CTA300

      Triplewax 3In1 Cleaning Mitt
      €8.48 incl vat

      TRIPLEWAX - CTA600

      Triplewax T/Wax Premium Microfibre Cloth
      €8.58 incl vat