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      Funnels & Containers

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      Irish Auto Parts stock a wide range of top quality workshop accessories, browse our range of funnels & containers below

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      AST - AST5053

      AST Oil Drain Funnel
      €32.55 incl vat

      AST - AST6133

      AST Drain Pan Black
      €23.29 incl vat

      BETA - 017560502

      Beta Fluid Suction Gun 200ml 1756
      €36.54 incl vat

      BETA - 017580000

      Beta 1758 M-PLASTIC FUNNEL
      €21.88 incl vat

      BETA - 018780011

      Beta 11L Oil Drain Pain Fuid Colle
      €38.49 incl vat

      CARPLAN - EMP025

      Carplan Plain Empty Tin 2.5Ltr
      €6.35 incl vat

      CARPLAN - EMP250

      Carplan Plain Tins / Lids 250ml
      €2.38 incl vat

      CARPLAN - EMP500

      Carplan Round Paint Tin-Handle 5Ltr
      €8.02 incl vat

      CARPLAN - PCR047

      Carplan Dc0601 Oil Drainer Can
      €13.75 incl vat

      CARPLAN - TPH005

      Carplan Tph005 Fuel Can - Unleaded 5CarPlan TPH005 Fuel Can - Unleaded 5A range of CarPlan fuel cans from the No. 1 producer of fuel cans in the UK market. CarPlan Fuel Cans are colour coded for safe identification of fuels, with easy to use flexible pouring spouts. No more misfuelling, CarPlan is
      €7.95 incl vat

      TETROSYL - TBF001

      Tetrosyl Tetroplas Big Blue Funnel Large
      €9.91 incl vat

      TETROSYL - TPE005

      Tetrosyl Tetracan Diesel Black 5Ltr
      €8.28 incl vat

      TETROSYL - TPF005

      Tetrosyl Tetracan Petrol Red 5Ltr
      €8.28 incl vat