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IAP - MSK3 - Surgical Mask (Protective Clothing/Equipment)

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5 Ply KN95 Face Mask with Filter - Optimum protection for airborne viruses, bacteria, pollen, dust and allergens Suitable for use in a range of environments: home, office, airports, retail, restaurants, public transport, factories, and outdoor spaces. Standard GB2626-2006 ce KN95.  Same as N95/
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5 PLY KN95 Face Mask

5 PLY KN95 Face Mask - The KN95 5 ply mask is fluid resistant and provides a superior level of dust and anti infection protection
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PHILIPS - CR2032/01B

Philips Battery Cr2032 - 3.0V Coin 1-Blister (20.0 X 3.2) - Lithium
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