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Power Maxed Plastic Bond Expoxy Syringe 25ml

Product code: PM50132
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7.23 ex. VAT

POWER MAXED Plastic Bond is designed to quickly and neatly bond manufactured plastics, composites, certain metals and other difficult substrates. Producing tough bonds with minimal surface preparation, Plastic Bond is ideal for domestic, industrial, marine and automotive use. A double syringe ensures the correct ratio of resin and hardener is applied every time.

Power Maxed Plastic Bond is a rapid-setting, tough, structural gel for high strength load bearing bonds to engineered plastics, metal, ceramics and many other materials.

Load Bearing Metals, Plastic, Wood and Composites
Bonding Marine GRP and Differing Metal Types
Bonding Automotive Carbon Fibre Body Panels
Standard Temperature Range (°C): -55°C to 120°C
Store Unopened In Suitable Hazardous Storage Conditions For Flammable Adhesives
Store Out Of Direct Sunlight
Colour When Fully Cured: Off-White


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