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STP Auto In Car Bomb Air Con Cleaner

Product code: ST23150EN
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7.68 ex. VAT

STP Auto Air-Con Cleaner.

Fast and easy 10 minute job! 
Over time, your air-conditioning system can be contaminated by bacteria. This build up leads to bad odours and poor air flow. STP Auto Air-Con Cleaner can help clean and refresh your entire A/C system. The simple "lock and leave" system eliminates bacteria and odour in your air conditioning  system in just 10 minutes, leaving it clean and fresh.

Directions for use: 
Shake well before use. Start engine and set A/C into internal circulation at full power. Open all vents. Ensure all seats are at upright position and place can behind the front passenger seat. Activate the can by pressing down on the valve. Close the door and make sure all windows are also closed. Wait 10 minutes until the can is empty. Then switch off the A/C system and engine. Open all doors and windows to ventilate the vehicle.


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