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STP R134A Air Con Gas Large 510g Refill Can & Trigger Dispenser Kit

Product code: ID02000EN+ST00089EN
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STP R134A Air Con Gas Large 510g Refill Can & Trigger Dispenser Kit 

STP Auto Freeze 510g Refill R134A Air Con Gas

- Restores lost refrigerant and oil to A/C system
- Formulated with advanced QwikBoost chemistry that was developed for NASA
- Colder air up to 50% faster
- Reusable trigger dispenser with built in gauge makes filling system fast and easy
- Eliminates moisture and acid from A/C system

STP Auto Freeze Reusable Trigger Dispenser & Gauge

- Designed to measure the pressure & refrigerant level in your A/C.
- Trigger dispenser to re-fill or top up air con gas using our Air Con Gas canisters
- Now with extra long hose for harder to reach areas
- Re-Usable, gas canister available separatly should you require topping up in the future

Suspected Gas Leak? SAVE even more with our Gas, Trigger and Stop Leak Kit:

Includes €10 surcharge - gas canisters are recyclable, if you return old canister to us we will issue you with a €10 refund


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