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XtremeVision 30% OFF - Expires Thursday, 1st November 2018
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Philips H7 12V 55W +130% Pair XtremeVision Bulbs

Product code: 12972XV+S2

Was €37.99

Save 30%


21.62 ex. VAT

Philips X-tremeVision car bulbs are among the brightest you can buy. They outshine most other car lamps with up to 130% more brightness and a superior beam length. So you see further, react faster and drive safer.

Up to 130% brighter light

Significantly whiter light to improve comfort and safety

The bright white light is significantly whiter than standard headlights. The Philips patented Gradient Coating™ technology produces a more powerful light, so you can enjoy one of the brightest lighting performances and a highly comfortable night driving experience.

Performance means more light and longer lifetime

Philips X-tremeVision headlights are made for outstanding performance, producing up to 130% brighter light, without compromising on the lifetime. With up to 450 hours*, Philips X-tremeVision's lifetime is significantly higher than competitor solutions in the more light category. (*H4 and H7 tested at 13.2V standard voltage)

See further and react faster with up to 130% more brightness

Perfect illumination is especially important in the distance – usually between 75-100 metres in front of your vehicle. Philips X-tremeVision boosts your visibility with up to 130% more brightness. This helps you recognise obstacles and any potential dangers earlier than with most other halogen headlight lamps.

The safest road-legal headlights

Philips X-tremeVision is by far the safest, easiest and most efficient way to upgrade your car headlights within legal parameters. The lights are fully ECE certified.


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