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Power Maxed Sale - Expires Tuesday, 30th April 2019

Power Maxed 5Pc Diesel Turbo Cleaner Kit

Product code: TURBO5PC
In Stock

Was €51.99

Save 25%


31.70 ex. VAT

The Power Maxed Diesel Turbo Cleaner Kit is an excellent solution for thoroughly cleansing the inside of diesel turbo systems, removing carbon deposits, and improving performance and / or reversing the limping of a heavily carbon-coated turbo. Includes: A powerful cleaner 500ml spray, a neutralising and rinsing 500ml spray, 325ml Diesel Fuel Gold Standard Treatment, turbo blanking cards, spray nozzle, 1x pair of safety gloves.

Clearing Limp Mode
Protecting Against Future Carbon Deposits
Variable Vane / Geometry Turbos Only


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