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Power Maxed Sale - Expires Tuesday, 30th April 2019

Power Maxed Tar Off (500ml)

Product code: PMTO500P1
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4.88 ex. VAT

POWER MAXED TAR & GLUE REMOVER is perfect for removing bitumen tar, rubber residues, glue, and adhesive from decals, vehicle wraps, paint protection films, and wheel weights. Its strong solvent-based formula starts to dissolve contamination on contact, virtually eliminating the need for multiple applications.

Extremely Strong Tar & Glue Remover
Fast Acting Formula
Safe for use on Modern Paints
Bottle Size: 500ml

Ensure surface is clean and free from loose dirt, apply a small amount to the affected area and leave to dissolve the contamination. After roughly 60 seconds, use a clean microfibre cloth, wipe away any excess and contamination, and simply rinse off. Do not allow to dry, and DO NOT apply to plastics. 

Ensure that the trigger spray is thoroughly cleaned after each application, to stop any damage occuring to the spray mechanism.

Reacts with plastics and vinyl, so this product is not to be used on anything other than painted bodywork. 


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