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Power Maxed Tsunami Si02 Polymer Hybrid Wax 200ml (Gift Box)

Product code: PMSIT200P1
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38.19 ex. VAT

Power Maxed’s First Premium Grade Wax in a Black Glass Pot

Tsunami is a real enthusiast's wax, no added gimmicks just a hard working and durable wax. Tsunami protects against UV so good for the summer months, and stands up to rain, snow, salt, dust and grime so is perfect for a winter wax when you need that extra protection.

With the latest coating technology we bring you a unique wax blend. We have created the finest grade polymer wax together with Si02 technology. Applying this wax is extremely effective, wrapping your painted surface in a wax / nano coating, bonding effectively into a super protective and durable barrier.

Silicon dioxide (SiO2), also known as silica, is a natural compound made of two of the earth’s most abundant materials: silicon (Si) and oxygen (O2).

Most often recognized in the form of quartz, silicon dioxide is found naturally in water, plants, animals, and within the Earth. The Earth’s crust is 59 percent silica, and it makes up more than 95 percent of known rocks on the planet. When you sit on a beach, it’s silicon dioxide in the form of sand that gets between your toes. It’s even found naturally in the tissues of your body, though it’s unclear whether it serves any physiological role.

Superior Gloss Enhancer
Perfect for ALL Colours
Safe For Use in Direct Sunlight
Superior Durability (Estimated 12-18 months)
Black Glass Pot Size: 200ml
Scent: Power Maxed Core Fragrance – Cherry Bakewell
A Little Goes A Very Long Way!
Made & Hand Poured in the UK
Expected Durability: 12-18 Months
Limited Edition Waxstock 2016 Version

1. Apply the wax using a quality foam applicator and light pressure. The wax is extremely easy to spread so use sparingly to avoid over applying.

2. Curing times vary from 2 minutes on a hot day to around 10 minutes on a cold day. The wax is ready when it is no longer wet or oily.

3. Use a quality microfibre cloth with light pressure to remove the wax and buff to a final finish.


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